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"Jan George"


Swedish pop sensation Jan George

Jan George is a dynamic Pop & EDM artist from Stockholm, Sweden, born in Aleppo, Syria, embarked on his musical journey at a tender age, captivating audiences across Europe with his infectious and energetic music and stage presence.

Jan honed his skills and foreshadowed his future as a charming entertainer as he landed a memorable appearance at his first ever big festival stage at the age of just 15, opening Stockholm Pride 1999, affirming his calling as a performer.

Notable career milestones include his ground-breaking historic performance at Okej-Dagen Liseberg 2003 as the first and also only unsigned artist ever to secure a slot, solidified his status as a rising star on the music scene.

With chart-topping hits like "Habibi," reaching #1 on the German Newcomer chart and #7 on the British Dance Chart, alongside "Dreams" and "Losing my Faith" soaring to #6 and #5 respectively on the UK Commercial Pop Chart (Music Week UK), Jan keeps delivering his signature recipe to the pop scene.

Throughout his 25 years as an performing artist, 1 album, 14 single releases, chart positions, European tours.. Jan is constantly evolving as an artist and seizing opportunities to connect with audiences worldwide!

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"Jan George"


"Jan George"


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"Jan George"
"Jan George"
"Jan George"

European Tour in Planning - Vlog Post


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An absolute banger is being recorded, Jan George takes on Pet Shop Boys old hit - Article

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"Jan George"

Jan George attended the Brits for the first time - interview

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Jan George's Music Releases


"Jan George" - "I Want U 2 Love Me"

I Want U 2 Love Me

Single release, 2023

"Jan George" - "Crying In The Rain"

Crying In The Rain

Single release, 2022

"Jan George" - "Party Like A Rockstar"

Party Like A Rockstar

Single release, 2013

"Jan George" - "Losing My Faith"

Losing My Faith

Single release, 2023

"Jan George" - "Let Go"

Let Go

Single release, 2022

"Jan George" - "Habibi"


Single release, 2012

"Jan George" - "Play To Win"

Play To Win

Single release, 2023

"Jan George" - "The Darkness"

The Darkness

Single release, 2023

"Jan George" - "Dreams"


Single release, 2022

"Jan George" - "Give It Up"

Give It Up!

Single release, 2011

"Jan George" - "D.I.S.C.O."

D.I.S.C.O (Lust For Life)

Single release, 2023

"Jan George" - "The Darkness"

The Darkness

Single release, 2022

"Jan George" - "Listen To Your Heart"

Listen To Your Heart

Single release, 2014

"Jan George" - "Always In My Heart"

Always In My Heart

Single release, 2011


"Jan George" - "Play To Win"


Play To Win

Album release, 2012 (Physical)

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"Jan George"

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